East Village Tenants Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ to Alleged Predatory Landlord

Bedford & Bowery, Nicole Disser, November 25, 2015

original: http://bedfordandbowery.com/2015/11/east-village-tenants-say-enough-is-enough-to-alleged-predatory-landlord/

Karen Platt has been channeling her frustrations through the satisfying scrape of chalk across concrete. After years of living with dust, noise, and health hazards caused by construction, repeated and seemingly relentless service cut-offs, and what she says are intentional moves by her landlord to clear her (and other rent-regulated tenants like her) out of her longtime home at 522 East 5th Street in the East Village, Platt’s sidewalk messages reveal she has reached a breaking point: “Lack of services is harassment” and “Enough is Enough.”

As Platt explained to B+B, since Icon Realty Management bought her building, things took a turn for the miserable. “I’ve lived in New York my whole life and I’ve never, ever been treated like this,” she said.

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12 Bills to comprehensively reform the DOB and put an end to Construction-as-Harassment (A Legislative Platform to Reform DOB)

For Immediate Release: NEW REPORT AND LEGISLATION: End the use of hazardous construction as a form of tenant harassment

Summary of Data to Document Construction as Harassment in Rent Stabilized Buildings and the STS Legislative Solution

Bills Aim to Protect Renters During Construction Work

New York Times, By Mireya Navarro, SEPT. 29, 2015

original: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/30/nyregion/bills-aim-to-protect-renters-during-construction-work.html

New York City Council members will introduce a package of bills on
Wednesday intended to prevent landlords from pressuring tenants to move
out by making their apartments unlivable through construction work.
The proposed legislation, a total of a dozen bills, follows accounts of
residents’ enduring late­night noise, harmful levels of dust and damage to
their apartments, which some of the tenants said were efforts to get them to
leave their rent­stabilized apartments. Landlords are supposed to provide
tenant­protection plans when they do renovations in occupied buildings. But
in many cases, the landlords tell the city that their buildings are vacant, and
the city grants the construction permits without verifying the claims.

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